Game Development

Hello World (Video Game)

Hello world is an AGS (Adventure Game Studio) based project centred around a young boy who plays too many video games. It features a creepy atmosphere and strange music as well some of the worst artwork you'll ever see in your entire life. Hello World is more of en experiment in game design and using pre-rendered transitions within AGS and the artwork was done as a secondary thing.

The game is still being developed but will be released on a freeware basis at some point in late 2019 or early 2020.

Earthly is a dungeon-crawling board game which is still early on in it's development. It has plans to feature random dungeons as well as a full story campaign and will have a very dark aesthetic. The artwork is planned to have a DOS/VGA-era style and will feature mainly black/white colours but with occasional splashes of red and orange as well.

I plan to add some of the production files here as I work on the game so stay tuned if the description above sounds at all interesting to you.