W.S. Worrall is a freelance journalist and creative writer hailing from the UK.

Born and raised in the midlands to a Black Country mother and Southern father, he first started writing his own stories as a child. As he grew up he became involved in various internet content creation cultures, such as Newgrounds and early YouTube.

He eventually attended film school in Wales and learned the rigors of scriptwriting and video editing in a professional capacity. Since then he has worked for a number of companies providing video and written content for some of the internet's most successful websites and YouTube channels.

His career started in earnest in 2015 when he was first hired to write a comic book for an independent comic label and has expanded exponentially since then to cover a wide variety of topics and special interests.

Currently, he is in the process of publishing his first short story collection, named "One Slick Fever Dream", as well as various other personal projects which he tries to find time for in his busy working life.