Journalistic Work

Click one of the headlines below to view my work for that client. You can also see a brief summary of the sites and clients I've worked for below. is one of the internet's most popular destinations for news about space and space-related topics. I've written freelance pieces for the site, usually on the topics of popular media relating to space.

Not only does have a huge circulation, but it's also owned by FuturePLC, one of the biggest publishing companies in the UK.


WePC is a site that primarily deals with PCs and PC gaming, though it also provides coverage of consumer electronics and games on other consoles. I started as a freelancer working to help build content for the Silent PC Review sister site, but have since moved over to writing various bits of content for WePC itself.


MakeUseOf is one of the biggest technology sites around and has the aim of simplifying technology to make it much easier for everyone to use. I've written various kinds of articles for the site, as well as produced review videos for the site's successful YouTube channel.


TechRaptor is one of the world's best gaming websites, covering everything from news and reviews to interviews and guides. During my time here I've been part of the incredibly successful Tabletop News team, as well as worked on various videos, reviews, and even industry events.


Hacked is a cybersecurity website that provides online protection and account recovery services for individuals and businesses. I have written tutorials, news pieces, and editorials, as well as created easy-to-understand videos to help spread an understanding of cyber security.
I've been with the site since the beginning and am very proud of what we've created.