My Work


At TechRaptor I've covered industry events such as UKGE as well as writing news pieces, covering games both tabletop and video and have even created a few video for the site.

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Cliqist is a gaming site which focuses on Indie games. I have in the past produced a fair few features and reviews, but these days I handle mostly video content creation for their successful YouTube Channel.

If you click the Cliqist logo to the right you can get a list of my articles to check out.

psst, I also designed the logo and animations.

Gaming Respawn

I have done a lot of work for Gaming Respawn over the years. From managing their media output, to designing their logo's and animation, to writing reviews and features. I have also covered industry events such as EGX for them. These days I focus very much on the Tabletop Gaming side of writing for them, usually covering a couple of board games a month.

You can find my work for the site here.


I created Mort back in mid 2014 initially as a short story.

The short story was based on an Album done by a local band, at least loosely, and was initially titles 'Death Quit Dancing', but since that gave the plot away it was changed to Mortimer & Drake.

When WP Comics Ltd approached me to produce a comic I jumped at the chance to re-imagine my story as a serialised comic book and so 'Mort' was born in 2016.

Unfortunately WP Comics Ltd proved to be unreliable, breaching contract with several writers, myself included. You can still buy the comic on Amazon UK for the time being but pending a complaint that may not be the case for very much longer.

To stop my contract-breaching editor potentially getting any money you can actually get a PDF copy free of charge! Just click the cover on the right and download away.

Big thanks to Violet for her amazing artwork. If you want to find more from her you can go follow her on instagram!