Personal Projects

Mupple is a YouTube channel that I run with my wife. We make videos about a lot of different subjects, but primarily we cover board games, video games, and technology.

Our videos have a focus on comedy, but can also be there to inform the viewer, as is the case with our successful user guide for the Retrostone console.

In my spare time, I like to paint miniatures. I've been painting since I was 12 and enjoy painting miniature figurines more than painting on flat canvas or paper.

Most of these miniatures have been acquired from my work as a journalist, but I also have some from my tabletop RPG hobby, and several I have purchased separately.

The link above will feature some images of my miniatures. I hope to eventually improve my skill and enter the Golden Demon awards which recognize talent in miniature painting and crafting Dioramas.

As well as painting miniatures and making YouTube videos, I also like to design my own games. In the past I've mostly stuck to crafting text-based games, but I have made serious progress in terms of developing full video games, as well as in the design of my own board game.
The link above will take you to a page with more information about my games and where they're currently at in terms of production or design.