The Apocalypse: Our Obsession

So I've recently been getting back into binge watching Netflix after abstaining for quite a long time and found that I could watch Doomsday Preppers (for anyone who doesn't know Doomsday Preppers is a show about people who spend their lives preparing for the 'inevitable' apocalypse) which I promptly did and good times were had by all.

While I was watching this (also writing a short story because yay! apocalypse) I checked my e-mail and received an invitation to sign a petition surrounding a recent court ruling to do with patenting genes.

I was suitably outraged with this as most people should be and it reminded me why I don't like reading news stories about corporate entities anymore. It always makes me feel like these people can't be human, CEO's of big companies seem to feel like they're not accountable to rest of us despite the fact that they are.

Either way this combination of events got my thinking and I came to the conclusion that our modern obssesion with Doomsday and the increase in the number of stories of companies and governments putting money before people are somehow linked.

My theory reads thus:

               As we see more and more stories of this nature our general impression of the world and it's people has a tendency to fall. As this happens we realize, weather consciously or subconsciously, that this sort of behavior cannot continue indefinitely. The influx of large-scale world wide protests and rioting in recent years shows that the general anger of our society directed towards authority increases year on year. Finally as we notice this rising steadily our obsession with media to do with apocalypses also increases as a subconscious attempt to absorb as much information that may be useful in such an event.

...aaaaand breath. Okay so I'm done now, just a random thought I had while sitting awake at 4am because of insomnia being a thing that happens... it has nothing to do with netflix I swear. 


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