Who is William Stuart Worrall?

William Stuart Worrall is an Author and Journalist from the Midlands in the U.K. who has been working as a writer, video producer, and journalist since 2016. He has worked for various industries, from video games to movies and even science-based topics such as Space Travel. 

He has had work published as a comic book writer, producing his first comic known as 'Mort' in 2016 based on the short story featured on his creative writing blog, The Disasterous Maelstrom. Unfortunately, the company responsible for Mort, WP Comics Ltd, went bankrupt a few years later, and the subsequent issues of the storyline never came out. 

William hopes to one day finish the story, whether in comics or another form. In the meantime, he is working on his first self-published short-story collection, "One Slick Feverdream." 


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