Throughout my career as a writer, I have written for a number of different journalistic organizations across the technology, cybersecurity, and entertainment categories. Below I've listed a few of the places where you can find my work, as well as a couple of examples for each site. 

TechRaptor logo is a fast-growing gaming website that specializes in bringing a wide variety of content to the table without relying on content farming, keyword-stuffing, or any of the other issues that plague modern games media. 

Example articles: 

Cliqist was a great gaming website with a heavy focus on the indie side of the industry. As well as producing written content for the site, I also produced several video essays for the popular YouTube channel. 

Example Articles: is a unique service that offers people a way to recover and protect hacked social media accounts when sites and services fail to do so. My responsibilities mainly revolved around the creation of tutorials and articles to help explain Cybersecurity in simple terms. I also created numerous video tutorials to match these articles, and I am proud to have been a part of launching the service. 

WePC Gaming is the gaming arm of WePC, a Manchester, UK-based website that specializes in all things PC and PC Gaming. I was the Games Editor at WePC and, as such, was in charge of many aspects of organizing the gaming team and their coverage. This included major industry events such as Gamescom 2022, as well as getting hands-on with games during big releases. 

CCN is a news and opinion site that covered everything from financial news to gaming. I was bought on as part of the staff gaming team and produced various articles about video games and online media like streamers and YouTubers. 


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