Looking for info on Yogventures? So is everyone else

UPDATE: The project is now officially dead. See here

Ahh Yogscast, a UK based gaming channel that I have had an interesting relationship with over the past few years. I first discovered them when they hit the front page with one of their minecraft videos called Planetoids, and admittedly I thought that I thought Simon was a stoner which is sort of why I started watching (for the most part it was because he was funny, not just because I think he was high when he recorded that episode) 

For a few years after I discovered their videos I watched the yogscast religiously and followed everything they did from their SOI minecraft series to the Yogpod and beyond. However the happy times where not to last, and for some reason after the completion of the Shadow of Israpheal (or rather after it got stalled) I started to loose a lot of interest in the channel only occasionally returning to watch through their songs or game series.

Luckily thanks to most of my friends being fans of the Yogscast I still manage to keep up to date on their big developments and it's not like I don't occasionally get an itch to watch some of their videos, so I have kept abreast of a lot of the yogscast related news (hence my blog post about the SOI animation).

This leads me onto yogventures. Yogventures was basically a game that the yogscast announced a couple of years ago that was based around their antics, primarily their antics in minecraft, and had a lot of interesting looking mechanics. How about world building in a more graphically appealing world? it had it, dwarves, spacemen and explosives? It has it, your favorite pair of English twits (unless you like a bit of Fry and Laurie, that's the shit) the game has it.

The only problem? Well as it turns out there hasn't really been much information available about the game for a couple of months. I mean it's not surprising that it's still not been released yet, games take a long arse time to finish, but there was news last year that the game would go early access on steam soon so that people could finally try it, it's over 6 months later and it still hasn't happened.

This would not itself be an issue, hell for months at a time there can be no information about video games, I mean maybe they've been working on the same boring crap for four months and haven't had anything to tell us? The reason that it's worrying in this case is that the Dev has taken down all of the websites relating to the game, stopped posting in the forums for the game and seems to have deleted his own twitter account as well.

It does almost look like the Dev has done a runner on this game, loads of people keep commenting on the steam page asking for information on the game and haven't got any replies which has caused no small degree of concern, especially amongst people who payed to back the game on kickstarter.

If I'm honest it's more than likely that the Dev has simply removed his twitter and other sites so he doesn't have to keep getting asked inane questions while he's working on the game, having said that this could easily turn out to be something much, much worse, so let's hope we manage to gain some info soon.



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