...The yogscast pulled a George Lucas

Okay so the above video is an animated continuation of the Yogscast's famous minecraft series 'the shadow of Israphel' (at least that's what people seem to think it is, personally I wouldn't be shocked if it turned out that this was just a side thing to keep people happy until they released the proper series) 

The internet met this animation with the sort of reactions that you'd expect, most people where pissed the hell off. As it turns out the animation itself is actually pretty funny in places, the scene at the end with Israphel and his minion on the cliff is a personal favorite, but most of the people who saw it seemed to think it was utter crap, so why is that?

Well the simplest answer to that is the star wars syndrome. After 'Star Wars: return of the Jedi' was released there was a somewhat substantial gap until they released the next installment (about 15 years actually but hey who's counting?) This meant that the fans had 15 years to imagine the most awesome thing that could ever have happened to them ever in their tiny little lives.

The problem this causes is that no matter how good something is it cannot live up to 15 years of nerd induced hype. Now I am in no way saying that 'The Phantom Menace' doesn't deserve hate, I mean come on Jar-Jar Binks.....really? But it isn't all that bad if examined by itself, it's just another crummy Hollywood blockbuster.

With the release of this latest animation the Yogscast have created a similar situation for themselves by waiting so long to release something relating to the SOI series. After three years (-ish, seriously I can't exactly remember when they last did something SOI related) they have released a sort of okayish animation that seems to have very little effort put into it, at least on the part of the Yogscast.

The animation style itself is great, it looks pretty good and I'm sure the animator put a lot of time and effort into what they were doing, but Lewis and Simon's dialogue is all taken from episodes of Yoglabs and in all honesty the voice acting for Israphel leaves a lot to be desired in places (if you want to see what I mean listen to the scene where they're running away from the nyan pig cannon) but overall the quality of the animation is a 6/10 minimum.

Now if this was just another yogscast animation it would be fine and I don't think the reactions would have been anywhere near as bad, but because people have assumed it's a continuation they've all gone batshit over it and started bawling in comment sections.

You mark my words, at some point we may yet see a continuation of the SOI and I guarantee that the reaction will be the same as it was to this animation.


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