A Sense of Agency

A sense of agency is that feeling that keeps people going, that feeling that makes you push through for what you want even when life throws obstacles into your path. It is for a lack of this feeling that most of the worlds problems of unemployment can probably be traced, in our modern world it is difficult to feel like carrying on through troubles, especially when the troubles appear to permeate every aspect of our lives.

  Agency differs from motivation in that motivation can fail. Someone can be totally motivated to do something, but loose all of their motivation when something gets in their way. It is agency that would keep people pushing beyond barriers when their motivation fails. More than that though agency is a persons capacity to perform actions in the world.

  So why am I bringing this up? Well because agency is something that I have had issues with in the past and still do. I haven't found myself working on Gangs of Rain Street or the Alchemist in the past few weeks, mainly since I got back to my house in Newport. I've had a few ideas for short stories and added maybe a few sentences to Rain St, but since I stopped being in a relatively  bad or uncomfortable place I stopped being able to write.

  Part of me thinks this is a lack of agency but part of me thinks this is the old adage of the artists suffering being his creativity. I have no idea what the future days will bring, but perhaps my worry at not being able to produce consistently will make me feel bad enough to write a lot again? Hopefully anyway


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