Does happiness increase worry?

   So there's something that I noticed recently, the happier a person gets the more that person tends to worry, especially if that person was used to not being happy beforehand.

   I only noticed this because as I get happier and happier in my life with another person I tend to question more and more of what I do as bad behaviour that is going to affect that happiness. Even if realistically I know that what I'm doing isn't wrong or won't cause issues I still assume it's going to because I'm expecting something to go wrong.

   Now weather this is due to an innate insecurity or if it's to do with my mind sabotaging itself to be unhappy it is making writing a hell of a lot easier as a past time. Writing (especially creative writing) for me tends to absorb the entire mind; while you're creating something it is easy to pour everything that you have into what you're doing.

  Not sure what to thing about this but I'm sure no good will come of it, only time will tell.


  1. Very good points, I think you'll find you are defiantly not the only person to think this, although you may not act on these thought alot of people eg. When someone gets into a relationship the thought of abandonment gets to much there for they abandon that person first so their thoughts of expecting something to go wrong cannot happen in the first place. This piece of writing is very thoughtful and has made me think quite a lot.


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