The Persistence of Happiness

Today a friend of mine posted something on facebook that made me think.

      It was basically the story of how him and his girlfriend had been walking around the aisles of the local Tesco when they had reached one of the various seasonal offerings. Remembering that this is early September he noticed that the entire display was filled to the brim with festive snowmen, chocolate Santa's and god alone knows how many other different types of Christmas based offering.

      His first reaction was the same as most people's when it comes to such an early display of commercial festive offerings, he was about to get grumpy. In his own words the grumpy bastard that lurks in the heart of every Englishmen was about to leap out and start grumbling about it being far too early, however before this could happen his girlfriend stepped forward and picked up one of the festive snowmen. Now instead of being upset that the commercial side of Christmas has begun to show it's face so early his girlfriend was overjoyed to be seeing something as pleasant as a festive snowman, no matter what time of year it is.

    Now my friend said that this made him feel glad to see the festivities even this early because his girlfriend reminded him that sometimes things can be just enjoyable no matter when they happen, and seeing these Christmas traditions flaunted for obvious commercial gain so early on in the year doesn't change or spoil how you celebrate your festive season.

    Now honestly I can't say how accurate a representation of this story I have conveyed here as it was told to me via a facebook status, and to be completely truthful I'm not even sure if my friends 'girlfriend' is even his girlfriend, I just made the assumption based on the status (He used her first name and I don't know anything about his love life) but I do have something to say about it all.

   Some people have this fantastic way of viewing and speaking about life that can stop you in your tracks and make you think, which believe me in our modern society is a hell of an achievement. Considering how much life seeks to dumb the world down there will always be people that can make you want to be better, and make you want to see things in a better way. It is these people that really make your life worth living, and for most of us it is these people that we end up spending our entire lives with...or at least looking for


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